WellBody WingSpan

The Massage Device That Reaches Where Others Can’t
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The WellBody® WingSpan reaches where massage guns can’t. Its unique extended handle allows you to better reach your shoulders, back, hamstrings and calves, all places that are difficult to reach with traditional massage guns.

Like all WellBody percussive massage devices, WingSpan features HeatBall™ Technology and ultra-quiet operation. The lightweight, compact 3-speed unit weighs just over a pound and has a special anti-torsional grip for optimal control.

What Comes In The Box?

1 WingSpan with Handle

1 Micro USB Charger

HeatBall™ Attachment

Ball Attachment

Beak Attachment

Revolutionary HeatBall™

The WellBody® HeatBall is a rechargeable heated ball that attaches to the massage gun like any other tip but that has an internal heating element that heats up the ball. The heat is transferred to your sore muscles during the percussive therapy to enhance blood flow and, therefore, promote faster recovery.

3-Speed Performance

The WellBody WingSpan offers three manual speed choices: 1000 spm, 2000 spm, or 2500 spm.

Lightweight and Compact

WingSpan is lightweight (just 1.07 lbs.) and compact thanks to the clever detachable handle that makes for compact storage and travel.

The WingSpan with HeatBall Technology is the most innovative massage device I have ever used.  I keep it in my golf bag and use it before my round and at the turn. The handle reaches my shoulders, hamstrings and back without contorting my body. This thing is like swing oil, and I have gained distance since using it . I no longer have to play 4 holes to get loose, WingSpan is the answer!
What didn’t WellBody think of, the HeatBall, the DeepSpeed, and the build quality, are amazing. A warm up and warm down massage like nothing else! Rugged but lightweight with a grip that glues to your hand, even for small hands like mine. This is simply the best massage gun on the market. WellBody is the new kid on the block and it looks like they are here to stay. Let’s go!

WingSpan Features

Get To Hard-To-Reach Muscles

Unique extended handle allows you to better reach your back, shoulders, hamstrings and calves, all places that are difficult to reach with a massage gun.

Anti-Torsional Grip

For safe, easy handling even when reaching.

TwistLock™ Tip Attachment

Simply slide the tip into place and give it a quick quarter turn to lock it into place.

WhisperDrive™ Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and high-speed vibration.

All-Aluminum (Plastic-Free) Powertrain

The drivetrain (motor spindle, arm and shaft connection) is made of premium ADC–12 aluminum - no plastic powertrain parts.

Extra-Long Free-Glide, Aluminum-Bronze Bushing

Provides greater stability and efficiency, which reduces wear and noise.