WellBody Lite

The Lightweight, Compact Performance Massage Gun
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WellBody® Lite is for those who want a high performance percussive massage gun and HeatBall™ Technology but prefer a little lighter weight, more compact device. Lite features advanced DeepSpeed™ percussion, high speed AND high amplitude (3,000 spm at 16 mm).

You get a special set of soft percussive tips, 3 selectable speeds, extremely quiet operation, best-in-class build and quality and a performance carry bag. And, all of the features common to WellBody massage devices.

What Comes In The Box?

1 Massage Gun

1 Charger

1 Rechargeable Battery

1 Performance Carry Bag

Five Percussive Tips Included (Soft)

HeatBall™ Attachment

Provides heat therapy to warm up and increase blood flow either as its own therapy or used as a precursor to deeper tissue massage.


Provides both percussive and defined deep tissue massage.


For sore locations and trigger points; use at an angle to soften percussion.


Has scalloped sides to chisel and scrape shoulders and legs; use at an angle for subtle impact along smaller round sections of arms, shoulders and neck.


For the larger muscles (legs, glutes, and back); maintain a 90 degree direct impact so that its flat surface makes full contact with muscles.

Revolutionary HeatBall™

The WellBody® HeatBall is a rechargeable heated ball that attaches to the massage gun like any other tip but that has an internal heating element that heats up the ball. The heat is transferred to your sore muscles during the percussive therapy to enhance blood flow and, therefore, promote faster recovery.

3-Speed Performance

WellBody Lite offers three manual speed choices: 1800 spm, 2400 spm, 3000 spm.

4-Position Rotating Arm

WellBody Massage Guns feature a rotating arm that can be changed at the push of a button to any one of four positions. This allows you to select the position that works best for you no matter what part of your body needs massaging.

Note: To avoid releasing the battery during use, the lower beam on your WellBody massage gun is a battery compartment and not intended to be a handle. The grip on the beam is there to make it easier for you to remove the battery.

WellBody Lite Features

Advanced DeepSpeed™ Percussion

The Holy Grail in massage gun performance is speed at amplitude. Thanks to an all-aluminum powertrain, state-of-the-art design, and precision engineering, we provide BOTH high speed AND high amplitude (3,000 spm at 16 mm of amplitude).

TwistLock™ Tip Attachment

HeatBall and other tips are easy to attach and remove. Simply slide the tip into place and give it a quick quarter turn to lock it into place. This TwistLock system is much easier, safer and more secure than the friction fit used by so many other massage guns.

WhisperDrive™ Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor

Our high-performance, brushless motor is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and high-speed vibration. We properly secure the motor so it won’t vibrate loose over time, a problem with virtually all other massage guns, which get noisier and can eventually rattle themselves to catastrophic failure.

All-Aluminum (Plastic-Free) Powertrain

The drivetrain (motor spindle, arm and shaft connection) is made of premium ADC–12 aluminum. Unlike in many other massage guns, there are no plastic powertrain parts. This means all parts will withstand the excessive heat caused by friction which effectively reduces the system fatigue that leads to increased noise and premature system failure.

Extra-Long Free-Glide™ Aluminum-Bronze Bushing

WellBody uses an extra-long, aluminum-bronze bushing (bearing sleeve) which increases overall contact with the reciprocating shaft to provide greater stability and efficiency, which reduces wear and noise.

Composite Nylon Shell

The shell on a WellBody Massage Gun is constructed of an ultra-strong, lightweight, fiberglass-filled composite nylon material that offers exceptional thermal and chemical resistance.