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WellBody® Combines Heat and Percussive Massage Therapy for Faster, Better Recovery.

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Revolutionary HeatBall™ Technology

The WellBody® HeatBall is a rechargeable heated attachment that enhances blood flow and improves recovery time. Utilize the HeatBall attachment prior to deeper muscle activation to unlock greater recovery speeds.

Included with every WellBody® massage gun & device.

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Advanced DeepSpeed™ Percussion

Experience a greater deep tissue massage that will help your muscles recover faster. The precision all-aluminum power train offers insane percussion with both high speed and high amplitude.

So quiet (just 47-65 dB) you can watch TV while using!

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"The HeatBall Technology is a game changer! The WingSpan is perfect for warming up and Pepper stores easily on my golf bag for when I'm on the course. WellBody is truly a pioneer in this space!"

Stephen S.


WellBody Wingspan

Massage away your stress and tension with our ergonomic design that allows you to reach muscle groups other massage guns can't!


WellBody 5

Experience our most powerful massage gun with insane speeds and high amplitudes that will unlock the deepest muscle relief.


WellBody Pepper

Our most compact percussion massage device, get the perfect solution for muscle soreness on-the-go with our compact percussion massage device, designed to release tension and promote relaxation.


WellBody 3

Experience deep muscle recovery and an all-round recovery experience, the WellBody 3 is the perfect blend of power and precision.


WellBody Lite

Looking to experience superior massage quality but without all the speed levels, the WellBody Lite the massage gun for you.

Eddie A.

"The Wingspan is the REAL deal! The heatball is a literal game-changer and has made a huge difference when I warm up for rounds or heading into the gym - you need to try this because you'll realize what you've been missing all these years!"

Sam W.

"I was blown away by the heat ball to be honest. I have used a lot of recovery products in the past but nothing as unique as this. The heat ball warms up my muscles, and the power of the gun gets the job done. I love it!!"

Kevin S.

"The heat is no joke! The heatball can actually get really warm and when you combine that with the speed / depth it can reach, its easily the best massage device I've ever owned! The last massage device you ever buy - its worth it!"

Raphael C.

"Outstanding device! I've been in extreme sports my entire life, from Motocross to free climbing to rucking, so at this stage of my life I need the best of the best on the recovery side and WellBody is that for me!"

Precision & Quality

WellBody® blends percussive massage therapy and heat therapy to accelerate recovery.

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