WellBody Pepper

The Travel-Size Massage Device


The WellBody® Pepper will easily fit into your gym bag, duffel bag or golf bag so you can take your massage device with you wherever you go. And don’t underestimate the power of the diminutive Pepper. It packs some punch!

The 4-speed Pepper features WellBody’s revolutionary HeatBall™ Technology and will generate massage speeds up to 3,200 spm. And, it’s ultra-quiet. You can watch TV while using. Pepper comes with a performance carry bag.

12V System
4-Speed Operation
Weight: 614g
Stall Force: 22 lbs
Noise: 55-65 dB

Whats included?

1 Massage Device

1 Micro USB Charger

1 Carry Bag

3 Percussive Tips Included (firm)


Provides heat therapy to warm up and increase blood flow either as its own therapy or used as a precursor to deeper tissue massage.


Provides both percussive and defined deep tissue massage.


Has scalloped sides to chisel and scrape shoulders and legs; use at an angle for subtle impact along smaller round sections of arms, shoulders and neck.


Revolutionary HeatBall™

The WellBody® HeatBall is a rechargeable heated ball that attaches to the massage gun like any other tip but that has an internal heating element that heats up the ball. The heat is transferred to your sore muscles during the percussive therapy to enhance blood flow and, therefore, promote faster recovery.

4-Speed Performance

The WellBody Pepper offers four manual speed choices: 1500, 2000, 2500, or 3200 spm,

Travel Size

Fits into a gym bag, duffel bag, golf bag and more.

WellBody Features

TwistLock™ Tip Attachment

Simply slide the tip into place and give it a quick quarter turn to lock it into place.

WhisperDrive™ Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor

Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor - Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and high-speed vibration.

All-Aluminum (Plastic-Free) Powertrain

The drivetrain (motor spindle, arm and shaft connection) is made of premium ADC–12 aluminum - no plastic powertrain parts.

Extra-Long Free-Glide, Aluminum-Bronze Bushing

Provides greater stability and efficiency, which reduces wear and noise.


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